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Rincon Transmission is a full-service automotive transmission repair business that has been serving the Savannah, Rincon, and Pooler area since 1994. Our ASE Certified technicians are professionals and use the best automotive diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and fix customers' car problems quickly and efficiently. This ensures the automotive problems of Rincon Transmission customers are repaired correctly the first time, saving them unnecessary auto repair costs down the road. Rincon Transmission values our reputation as being the best transmission and auto repair shop in the Savannah area and offers only the highest quality automotive service & repair for each and every customers' vehicle.

Transmission Service & Repair

Keep your vehicle running longer and stronger by keeping its transmission unit in top shape. The importance of the transmission is paramount to the longevity and condition of the vehicle. The transmission is made up of hundreds of parts and components, and the overall health and condition of the transmission depends on the wear and tear, as well as the care and maintenance on the unit. Regular transmission servicing will prevent build up, maintain the cooling and lubrication required for the transmission to convert the engine's power output, and thus result in a smoother, more responsive ride. At Rincon Transmission, we specialize in transmission repair and servicing. Our builders have over 25 years of experience.


What to look for if you suspect transmission issues in your vehicle:

  • Hard shifting
  • Irregular or abnormal shift timing
  • Neutralizing
  • Slipping
  • Check transmission light



If you notice any of these or similar symptoms in your vehicle, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in to Rincon Transmission. We offer the following internal and external work:

  • ​Transmission servicing
  • Transmission diagnostics
  • Internal / external transmission repairs
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Custom / performance transmission builds & repairs
  • Transfer cases


Differential Service & Repair
You can expect many years and many miles of dependable use from your differential if it is assembled properly and if you use only top quality parts. It’s no different when your differential needs repair. All of our expert technicians have years of experience, combined with the right tools and training to service your differential correctly the first time, every time.


We stock the materials necessary for service on both foreign and domestic differentials, enabling us to quickly complete most of our jobs.


We stand behind our work.


Clutch Service & Repair

Rincon Transmission offers complete truck and auto clutch repair and service at our shop. Rincon Transmission recommends that the operating linkage of your clutch should be checked periodically at our shop to help you avoid early failure and keep your auto or truck in top performing condition.


Rincon Transmission offers complete clutch adjustment services for both domestic and foreign vehicles. If the clutch in your car or truck slips or your transmission is hard to shift even when completely pressing the clutch pedal down, a clutch adjustment is overdue and you should schedule an appointment at our Rincon ~ Savannah shop as soon as possible.


We also offer complete clutch slave cylinder service at our shop. The clutch slave cylinder in your vehicle plays a key part in your vehicle's performance. So when it is time to replace it, that replacement should be completed as soon as possible.

Transfer Case Service & Repair

The transfer case is serviced by periodically draining its fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid. We also check for leaks and damage. Transfer case fluid cools and lubricates the gears, chains, bearings, shafts and other parts. Over time, the additives in the fluid wear out and it doesn’t protect as well. Also, bits of metal and clutch material wear off and contaminate the fluid. Look, there isn’t a filter in the transfer case, so if the contamination is allowed to stay for too long, it’ll further accelerate wear.


Transfer case parts will eventually wear out and you’ll have to make repairs. But properly servicing your transfer case will keep that day as far in the future as possible.

Drive Shaft / Axle Service & Repair

Rincon Transmission provides complete drivetrain u-joint and drive shaft diagnosis and repair services. Our drivetrain specialists recommend your drive shaft and U-joints be inspected regularly for optimal performance of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs commonly have drive shaft slip joints requiring lubrication. If you hear a squeaking when you accelerate, you should schedule an appointment at our shop as bad U-joints can actually result in your drive shaft separating from your vehicle.

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