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Rincon Transmission welcomes anyone who wants answers to questions about the repairs & services offered at our 2 auto transmission repair shops in Savannah and Rincon . Questions about a car or truck transmission problem, or just general inquiries about Rincon Transmission itself. Our transmission specialists have put together the following collection of answers to those questions in the hope they will be useful to anyone in Rincon, Savannah, or the greater Effingham County area in need of transmission service. Please feel free to schedule an appointment for a vehicle diagnosis.


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Transmission Repair

Differential Repair

Clutch Repair

Driveshaft Repair


Transmission Repair


Does servicing my automatic transmission prevent it from failing?

Yes, the chances of various types of automatic transmission failure can be minimized when regularly serviced by a transmission specialists at Rincon Transmission. Regular servicing can help prevent lubrication related problems as well as those resulting from debris or clogged filters.


Should I repair or replace my transmission?

Many of those who bring their vehicle to our transmission service and repair shop are both surprised and relieved to learn that a problem with their vehicle's transmission does not necessarily mean it has to be replaced. In fact, there are several transmission problems that can be solved without having to remove the transmission from a vehicle. The technicians at our transmission shop are always available if you should have any questions. We will perform a Transmission Inspection to determine the best solution for your particular situation.


May I drive with a transmission leaking?

Rincon Transmission tells all of our customers that it is best to not drive with a transmission leak. The transmission in a car or truck is a sealed hydraulic component and any loss of transmission fluid due to a leak will affect the performance of the vehicle. We encourage any of our customers to schedule a road test and multi-check inspection with Rincon Transmission.


What are the more common problems with a transmission?

  • Gear Slipping
  • Transmission Grinding or Strange Noises
  • Gear Shifting Problems
  • Vehicle Surge
  • Vehicle Movement Delay

If any of these symptoms present themselves, schedule an appointment to get your transmission diagnosed.


Can driving condition's affect my transmission?

Yes, extreme cold or hot weather combined with poor driving conditions can impact a transmission's life expectancy. When seldom driven or usually driven short distances, vehicles may be subject to unusual wear or strain. An example would be vehicles that are normally driven a short distance normally never have the chance for the engine to heat up to the normal heat range, the result of which can be excessive transmission wear.


What are tips for the best transmission maintenance?

Rincon Transmission will often be asked by those who rely on our team of auto repair mechanics for their automotive expertise and advice, what are the best tips or suggestions for keeping an automatic or manual transmission properly maintained. Rincon Transmission has put together the following list we hope will be useful to anyone who may be wondering about how to properly maintain the transmission in a vehicle.


  • Be certain to have the scheduled maintenance done on the transmission in accordance with the vehicle owner's manual
  • It is best to always have the transmission fluid inspected when having an oil change at Rincon Transmission
  • Avoid driving around in a vehicle that has little or NO transmission fluid
  • Wheels should not be spun on vehicles that have Front Wheel Drive
  • When experiencing a transmission problem it is best to not drive the vehicle as doing so may result in additional damage or harm
  • It is always best practice not to "drag race" a vehicle as doing so puts unnecessary strain on an automatic transmission
  • Unless a a vehicle is an automatic 4x4 or All Wheel, it is not recommended to drive in 4x4 range on dry asphalt
  • Prior to shifting gear into another range it is always recommended to come to a complete stop first
  • When driving around with a Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive vehicle it is best to not drive with mismatched tire sizes or on spare tires


What type of transmission fluid does Rincon Transmission recommend for my vehicle?

It is important to understand that various transmissions use different types of transmission fluids. Our transmission shop offers several different types of transmission fluid brands, all of which are of excellent quality. Rincon Transmission recommends you change your transmission fluid every 50,000 to 100,000 miles as part of a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to our transmission shop for a transmission fluid change, we will also replace your filter, the pan gasket, and perform a final leak-check followed by a thorough road test.



Differential Repair


Can you tell me what a limited slip differential is?

When your vehicle is turning around a curve, the outside wheel turns a larger radius than that of the wheel inside. This results in the outside wheel turning faster which is allowed by the differential. In a limited slip differential system, clutches or a locking mechanism is used to facilitate power and drive both wheels. This system was designed to enable both wheels to turn at varying speeds in turns, but have them both pulling when driving straight. The advantage of this is that both wheels are pulling even when one wheel may lose traction.


What can cause a differential to fail?

The differential in a vehicle is no different than any other component in that it is subject to wear and some vehicle's differentials fail before others. The leading cause of a differential failing is due to using the wrong lubricant type and specialty lubricants. Water can also be a culprit to a differential failing as it can enter through the vent or seals. This often happens when driving in high water. When water enters it will emulsify the differential lubricant and result in rusting on gear and bearing surfaces. Seized U-joints that result in vibration can cause differential failure as well.



Clutch Repair


How do I know I need a new clutch?

Changing the clutch in your car or truck is not dependent upon any specific time period or mileage level. Rather the clutch only need be changed when a malfunction is noticed. Vehicles that are mostly driven with frequent starts and stops, as compared to those driven on the highways, are more prone to needing a clutch repair.


  • One of the first indications of disc in a clutch wearing thin is a scratching sound heard when shifting gears. When this occurs it indicates that the disc did not complete its intended function of transferring power from the vehicle's engine to the transmission.
  • An obvious signal that a clutch is in need of replacement is when attempting to overtake another vehicle or going up a steep incline, the engine's revolutions go up without any increase in speed.
  • Another time to consider having your clutch replaced is when a lack of smoothness is noticed, or it is challenging shifting gears regardless of traveling at the correct speed.
  • Another sign the clutch in your car or truck is beginning to wear out and need replacement is with a shortened distance of the clutch pedal for proper disengagement.


Rincon Transmission can perform an inspection to determine the amount of wear and tear on the clutch. You can schedule an appointment to have your clutch diagnosed.



Driveshaft Repair


Will Rincon Transmission repair a rear-wheel drive shaft?

Rincon Transmission will often repair drive shafts for our customers. A drive shaft can be straightened or if bent too badly the tube can be replaced. Our technicians may also balance the drive shaft as well as replacing the U-joints.


Will a driveshaft vibrate my vehicle?

The driveshaft on front-wheel vehicles rotates at the speed of the wheels. A bent or damaged driveshaft can result in vehicle vibration. On rear-wheel vehicles, the driveshaft will rotate two and a half to four times the speed of the wheels. Due to the relatively large size of the rear-wheel drive shafts and high speed, vibration is significantly increased. Other considerations that many result in vibration can include tiny dents, worn universal-joints, and missing balance weights. When a technician at Rincon Transmission has a customer indicate that vibration is experienced when accelerating or decelerating, the driveshaft is inspected as the most probable cause.




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